HDMI Port Replacement

When your game console doesn't display out, often the problem can be solved by replacing the HDMI port.

Price is generally $129 plus taxes, and shipping if needed.

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Faulty HDMI Port Symptoms

  • Your console turns on normally, but does not display out to the TV
  • The image on the TV is distorted, possibly with audio issues as well
  • The HDMI port on the console looks damaged
  • The plastic that the metal pins are on looks worn out
  • HDMI port pins are bent

Pop in or talk to us first

We have these ports in stock and generally have a one day turn around time for these jobs. You can stop in and we'll add you to our ticket queue.

If you have questions, or need to ship the console to us let us know by giving us a call. Even better, shoot us a message down below.

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