Founded in mid-2021 as a joint venture to offer our ProtectionPro screen films and repair services in our spare time, we quickly realized the need to grow into an established, full-time service provider. From there, we set out to secure partnerships with reputable brands to bring in trusted, quality parts and products that we can take pride in offering.

It is worth noting that the plan at that point was to eventually move into a location in retail, perhaps later into 2022. Instead however, having found a suitable location, we made the decision to advance our timelines. On November 22nd, 2021, Gadget Tree Tech Services was open for business here in Sooke. As they say, the rest is history!



    Computer & Microsoldering Specialist

    Kevin has been tinkering with computers, laptops, and phone repairs for as long as he can remember, and in doing so, has developed a keen eye and a steady hand to help him dissect and get your devices back in service in short order. Kevin is a lifelong Sooke native and golf enthusiast, so when not in-store troubleshooting, he is having no trouble shooting for par at DeMamiel Creek Golf Course.


    Mobile Device Specialist

    Having spent a decade in the wireless industry, Alex has a wealth of knowledge about mobile devices, and the networks we rely on. As well as gadgets, Alex loves dogs (especially our shop dog Rue,) and cars, which he tinkers on with a much lower level of proficiency. Born on the East Coast, but raised on the West, he also loves this little island we both call home!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Stephanie Couldwell
4 months ago

Highly recommend seeing Kevin & Alex for any tech repairs or upgrades, couple of friendly and smart guys. I'm excited to visit Gadget Tree for my computer build. Prices are very reasonable and customer service is 10/10, thanks guys! Also cute store dog too!

Lynn West
in the last week

My very frustrated husband left the house this morning toting his computer and monitor off to Gadget Tree for what he thought would be an expensive fix. Turned out to be dead monitor. Didn't charge a thing for determining what the problem was. Not too many businesses do that these days. I'm impressed!

Jocelyn Sifert
3 months ago

I brought my laptop to them to figure out why it had stopped working. Unfortunately they couldn’t fix it as it was a deeper board level issue, but I was given great info and they treated me amazingly. I would go there again

Kaylee Bahar
4 months ago

Great service, and awesome products. Their custom screen protectors are definitely worth it. They even have a cute shop dog named Rue!!!

Lynn Hamilton
4 months ago

Excellent service. Did not try to upsell anything. Instead, they suggested that my daughter's computer could be fixed instead of selling her a new one. Plus, they like my dog.